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Caterina Cherry

Mohair blend.
249 USD
Manufacturer Latini
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An oversized collar and batwing sleeves give this sweater a dramatic look. Versatile collar can be worn as a cowl neck or around shoulders.

Made in Italy.

34 % Superkid Mohair, 34% Wool, 29% Polyamide, 3% Elastane

Hand wash or dry clean.


Length                  65 cm / 25-26 in.

Pit to pit              65 cm / 25-26 in.

Model measurements:167 cm / 5.48 In.

Product Length: 33.0000 cm
Product Width: 31.0000 cm
Product Height: 13.0000 cm
Product Weight: 0.6000 kg
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About materials


The word mohair is of Arabic origin and means the best of the selected wool. Today, mohair is a wool made from the fleece of Angora goats, which has an incredibly durable fiber that ranks among the warmest natural fibers. However, a cooling fabric can also be made from this shiny, light, silky, luxurious-looking fiber. Mohair material is durable due to the strength of the fibers, which are also very flexible. Therefore, mohair does not crease, does not pull out and, unlike wool, is not felted, so it does not make lumps. It is also easy to maintain, because as an animal fiber it naturally repels dirt. The advantage of mohair is also its lightness.

Mohair justifiably supplies textiles for luxury. Ongoing research as well as the world's leading fashion houses clearly highlight the excellent quality and advantages of mohair not only as part of clothing textiles, but also home textiles. Different uses of mohair fiber are given by goat shear. The most luxurious so-called "kid" mohair is obtained from the first three staples. The goat mohair is used for knitting, the average mohair fiber of young goats is used for clothing textiles, while the strongest fiber of adult goats is used for upholstery and carpets.